Vince Constantine is a Canadian-based portrait and travel photographer. Driven by the desire to tell a story through visuals, his focus turns ordinary life into the extraordinary. Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba to a refugee-mother and talented artist; son to a hardworking father in construction. Vince began exploring his talents as a creative and innovator from an early age. Later, utilizing education to dedicate a life to the arts. Graphic Design and Visual Arts were at the core of his studies, developing new strengths and potential—introducing him to a career in photography.

Various publication agencies have featured Vince, highlighting his photos—presented to millions online. Companies including Travel Manitoba, Explore Canada, and 500px. Since 2017, his social media presence has accumulated an audience total of 100 000+ followers. He is currently working on publishing his first book, entitled, “Memento Mori”. The book is a collaborative series with models, featuring a transcendent expression of intimate-portraiture. A photographic portrayal of the psychological and philosophical work of Ernest Becker, American anthropologist and Pulitzer Prize-winning author.
Book Release: to be announced.

Vince’s innate ability to cultivate creative-direction, allows him strength to curate content tailored towards the client’s criteria. Booking/Commission: Available for hire worldwide—prospective clients please, email.