Photo by: Zack Melhus

Vince Constantine

Vince Constantine is a Canadian-based commercial photographer and filmmaker. Driven by the desire to tell a story through his work, he focuses on turning ordinary lifestyle into the extraordinary. Highlighting the importance of creating with purpose, his aesthetic captures a sense of raw authenticity that resonates with his audience. This style has emerged from several years of travel. Believing that our fondest memories are made along the journey, rather than reaching a final destination. This perception of life continues to be the cornerstone for his entire body of work, opening a door of endless opportunity. 

Featured by a number of publications such as Explore Canada, Travel Manitoba, LADbible, 500px, and more; Vince has accumulated an audience of over 110 000+ across various social media platforms. His diversity and background in Visual Arts, has allowed him to cultivate a strength for creative direction - curating content tailored towards a companies specific desire. Vince is available for travel worldwide - prospective clients please email: